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Category : July 2016

Imagine having to make a decision between providing medicine for the love of your life or your new born child. This is a decision that no one should have to make but for Jeremie this was his reality. 

ToiletsSavLivesTRS’s chosen charity, WaterAid have been providing sanitation and clean water solutions for countries such as Burkina Faso where Jeremie and his family reside. The most recent visit to the hot and barren town of Ouagadougou showed how dusty and small the living conditions are for the local residents. Jeremie and his family are however incredibly proud, welcoming and wish to keep their surroundings as clean as possible but this becomes an impossible ongoing task which occurs daily.

Once a guest asks to use the toilet, Jeremie and his wife, Baowendsom, become embarrassed and ashamed to admit that his family have to go outside the house, against the wall. For Baowendsom having to defecate so near to home worries her with the likelihood of contracting diseases high and even higher for the undeveloped immume system of her new born Isaac.

To transform the lives of Jeremie, Baowendsom and baby Isaac, WaterAid are asking sponsors to make donations towards a toilet. Together, the families provide the handmade bricks and dig the pit with WaterAid supplying materials such as ventilation pipes and labour to construct this simple but powerful solution.

So far, TRS alongside other supports have helped 3.1million people with 1 in 3 still needed a toilet.

For more information, visit WaterAid