The Development Story

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The Development Story

Category : January 2017

January 1st 1993 at IBM, James Hyslop, CEO of TRS Claims, held a new years resolution meeting with insurers, loss adjusters, suppliers, repair engineers and claim handlers to discuss a vision of insurance claims processing. The resolution looked at ‘working togetherness’ and connecting the supply chain. James will describe the idea being well received for a few moments before everyone fighting and disagreeing! However, years later the resolution was finally kept…  

cairInvesting in technology, James looked to design a system which would support various parts of the insurance claims industry to support clients and link them to numerous services. The key strength to the company was understanding the requirements of different parties at each stage of dealing with the claim, from initial report of the problem through to fulfillment. James was fortunate to have the guidance of Gi Fernando a technology investor based in the UK, who previously founded social media marketing company, Techlightenment, which was later acquired by Experian.

Cair was born. The concept of having a paperless office was unheard of, however James and his team acknowledged that Microsoft technology was affordable and the efficient basis for Cair. Since then, Cair has continued to develop it’s capabilities and streamline processes for the claims department. And Gi received an MBE for his contribution to the digital economy, some of his work including the Facebook App for marketing campaigns.