Shortlisted for POST Claims Awards

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Shortlisted for POST Claims Awards

ppeca16-logo-invertedReturning for its 6th year, POST Claims Awards are back on June 2nd at the Royal Garden Hotel in London with TRS among others to attend. TRS’s reputation within the industry has been upon its excellence customer service and unrivaled software solutions, however the company over the last few years have been heavily involved in offering apprenticeships and work placements, with acknowledgement of this at this years ceremony. 

Following their success in partnering with training providers, currently TRS has a 100% record of apprentices securing employment, some of which have gone onto managerial roles and playing significant roles in developing and expanding services. Among those who have gone through the scheme is Victoria Rawlings, Media and Marketing Manager at TRS whom is currently Worcestershire’s Apprentice of The Year and up for POST’s ‘The Rising Star’ Award.

I am incredibly grateful for the nomination and opportunities that TRS have given myself and other apprentices within the company. It has been a challenging but rewarding 2 years. A fantastic recognition for the company that deserves every bit of success.

For a full list of the shortlist, visit The Claims Awards. 

Congratulations to all those nominated and good luck to those shortlisted!



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Commitment to Youth with CII

Back in October, TRS’s apprentices attended the Apprenticeship Live in Bristol organised by the CII and Insurance Times, with the initiative to encourage young professionals into the sector. With TRS’s major interest with work experience placements and apprenticeship schemes, the company has teamed up with local authorities, academies and the CII to increase awareness and shape the future workforce. IMG_5019

Most recently, directors at TRS were invited to be filmed for the Connected Schools and Businesses Programme. These interviews offered insight into personal experiences, where TRS see the future and how their strategic business planning continues to include offering numerous opportunities for the younger age range. Due to TRS’s commitment to youth, they have been highly recognised as Apprenticeship Ambassadors, with this years schedule already including trips to the Houses of Parliament, presentations within schools and colleges on higher education choices, main sponsors for Skills Shows and continue to facilitate the company’s own growth of apprentices with the proposal to expand on those placed within TRS.

For more information visit Apprenticeships

To keep updated with the reigning Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year whom is employed at TRS, visit Blog or alternatively, follow @No_Apprentice

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TRS Wins The Double

The Replacement Service attended the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards 2015 at the West Midlands Safari Park, supported by the Worcestershire LEP and County Council. TRS employee, Victoria Rawlings, had been shortlisted for the ‘Higher Level Apprentice of the Year’.
The event hoped to continue to raise the awareness of apprenticeship schemes and the positive contributions that the younger generation are having on the workforce. The award categories hoped to acknowledge the businesses that have strongly supported the scheme and benefited greatly from and also the individual apprentices themselves, that had shown an outstanding occupational progress and theoretical ability.The host, BBC Morning News Presenter Steph McGovern, introduced the 13 different awards with a brief summary of why each finalist had been selected. Organisers of the event had mentioned that this year had produced an increase in apprenticeships across the county, producing some excellent candidates and some stiff competition.
With guests enjoying a 3 course meal and drinks, the last skint of awards for individuals were announced, including Victoria and TRS’s category. Winners of the Intermediate, Advanced and Higher levels are then put forward to the Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year.
For the Higher Level category, Victoria’s achievements were addressed including her completion of Level 3 qualification with TDM Wyre Academy and starting her Level 4 with the Oxford College of Marketing. Since joining TRS, Victoria has introduced new innovative approaches and contributes as part of an editorial board for a national insurance publication. It was announced that Victoria had won the award and awaited to hear the outcome of the overall Worcestershire apprentice of the Year sponsored by Worcester Bosch Group.
TRS are happy to announce that Victoria won this award, in an interview with organisers afterwards, Victoria stated:

This apprenticeship has given me what higher education failed to do

From winning both awards, Victoria has been overwhelmed with messages from fellow finalists and businesses within the county. Some 5 hours later, she has already been penciled in to talk at high schools in the area.
TRS would like to congratulate everyone involved for producing a great event, the applicants and Worcestershire for it’s continuing successes.

#WorldClassWorcs #WorcsApprentices

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Insurance Times & CII support in Apprenticeships

43870_AP-Logo-LargeKick started earlier this year, the Insurance Times have joined forces with the Chartered Insurance Institute to promote apprenticeships within the industry. Hosting half day events in a number of cities, this event saw speakers from Insurance Times, CII, Zurich and a successful former apprentice, offering their experiences and the battles they face with a industry,which portrays a ‘dull’ and ‘uninspiring’ image. The afternoon allowed networking opportunities and a practical afternoon of presentations for TRS apprentices and others to get their teeth into!

The Replacement Service have employed 100% of apprentices and make up 40% of the company, ranging from apprenticeships in Software Development and Claims Handling to Social Media to Accountancy. Supporting Apprenticeships Live shows an initiative to change the perception young professionals have of insurance and together continue to offer more apprenticeships and insurance specific qualifications.

Answering questions from an Insurance Times reporter, TRS apprentices are to be featured in the next publication and online. For more information on the Insurance Times views on apprenticeships, visit 

To find out how to find out how you can employ an apprentice, visit

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Achieve, Learn and Earn!

The Replacement Service has had a fantastic success rate with the apprenticeship scheme and currently employ 100% of those that were took on. TRS are happy to welcome another group of young professionals who will be educated on all aspects of the business with specialising in IT, software and systems. Partnering up with 3AAA in Worcester, TRS have introduced Jake and Leon to the team, to encourage a new generation to the insurance industry.

Following the motto, ‘anyone who is willing to learn, deserves to earn’, TRS support not only their career development but also on a personal level. It is important to grow these individuals with transferable skills for their future, wherever that may be, and also concentrate on growing their confidence. Marketing Manager, Victoria Rawlings says:

‘From our experiences, they join the team as timid teenagers, who have the aptitude and willingness to better themselves. Over the 12 month period, the change in the individual is evident. They are not only competent in what they do, but they enjoy work and become a key member to the TRS team.’

The recent social media campaign for #ThankYourMentor, highlighted not only the apprentices but the supportive staff.

TRS also have a great working relationship with another Apprenticeship provider, TDM Wyre Academy, and continue to look for candidates in the Worcestershire area. For more information on how to become an apprentice, or to start an apprenticeship programme in the workplace, visit the National Apprenticeship Service on


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Apprenticeships Boost TRS Development

Category : December 2014


Over the past few years, apprenticeships were estimated to drive the growth of small businesses and the UK economy. This reflects the figures from national publications this week, stating that since 2009, there has been a 72% increase in employers appointing  job roles for apprentices.The Replacement Service, like many other companies across the nation, have benefited from this scheme.

Delivering apprenticeships at TRS has contributed to the education of young professionals and the progression of development to the company’s portfolio. TRS have more reason to celebrate with one apprentice haven completed their first year now being took on full time. Having been inspired to pursue a career in Software Development, apprentice Joe has flourished whilst working with the IT team.

‘Anyone who is willing to learn, deserves the opportunity to earn’

James Hyslop, CEO

Employing apprentices at TRS has helped broaden the services and products that are provided.

For more information regarding IT apprenticeships, visit:

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Fresh New Talent


The Replacement Service has always been an advocate of giving young people opportunities to start their careers, and by working in conjunction with TDM Wyre Academy, TRS now offers highly respected apprenticeship programmes that give young people exceptional qualifications whilst gaining essential experiences in the workplace.

At TRS, we believe that our talented apprentices gain a valuable experience from the start of employment and progress through their chosen field with the guidance from ourselves. Our professional team share their relevant knowledge and expertise to ensure our apprentices are fully equipped in completing their apprenticeships to the highest standard.

With few and limited companies in Worcester City Centre offering placements for apprentices, TRS offer something unique. Our apprentices show the ability and vision to achieve a national accredited qualification and also have a bright and prosperous future within the company.

I have been working at TRS as part of my apprenticeship for almost a year, and I have learnt lots about my field in that time. From the start I have been given important tasks to perform and I have begun to contribute to the company’s production code. I have gained valuable experience into how a real-life IT job works – what is expected of me and how I can deliver on those goals, as well as how to organize my own time and work as part of a team. As part of the course, I have combined academic study with a day-to-day job in a work environment. This has allowed me to split my time between studying for qualifications and applying my theoretical knowledge practically as part of  the IT team. For me, the apprenticeship has been an invaluable learning experience, and I hope that I can continue learning and putting my skills to good use at The Replacement Service in the future.

Joe Andrews, IT Apprentice

The Replacement Service really is a leader in their field and their continuing commitment to creating fantastic IT opportunities for young people in Worcestershire is great for the young people in this area.

– Derrin Kent, TDM MD

For more information on apprenticeships, visit