Surge Plan

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Surge Plan

Whilst the power has been restored in many homes, the Met Office has warned the UK of more severe weather warnings coming our way. It looks as though the damage caused by Storm Desmond has not finished just yet. 
Env Surge backThe weekend saw thousands of homes across Northern England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland be destroyed from flooding with many more suffering from power cuts, resulting in 3 deaths. With engineers and emergency services working all hours of the day, it looked as though the worst had come, with water levels lowering quicker than it was originally anticipated. The Environmental Agency has predicted the next 3 day forecast to be ‘low risk’ or ‘very low risk’.

The insurance industry has seen claims triple from the weekends flooding, with one broker announcing they typically receive 15 new instructions daily and are now seeing 300 a day. With TRS seeing a increase across their buildings and contents claims, measures to support current clients and the industry has been put in place. Emergency phone lines, additional email address for support and advice have been set up and free access to TRS validation database, ClaimBrain, can enable loss adjusters and others in the field to identify the liability and source replacements quicker.

For more information on how TRS can support you and our services, contact James Hyslop or Victoria Rawlings on 01905 330063 or email

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