Promise to Carla

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Promise to Carla

Category : June 2016

TRS have two chosen charities, one of which is Water Aid, whom was set up in the 80’s to provide clean drinking water and sanitation solutions to communities across Nicaragua, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Soloman Islands and Timor-Leste. Water Aid’s Project Pioneers is to construct RainWater Harvesting Systems  (RWH) and toilets.

PP Water AidWe have been following the journey of Carla and her daughter Caricia who live in Wawa Bar, Nicaragua, whom just recently have had their RHW or watertank finished. For the first time, the community and Caricia’s family are looking forward to the wet season, which enables them to collect water that is safe to drink and allow storage throughout the dry months. Due to the success of constructing these systems and the impact it has had on the families, neighbouring communities are very much looking forward to theirs being installed.

So far, the project within Wawa Bar 52  RHW systems and 25 toilets have been completed out of a total of 248.

For more information on the project and donations, please visit Water Aid