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Progress On Projects

Category : January 2017

Last year TRS reported the stories brought to us from Water Aid about the individuals whom have been positively impacted upon kind donations. Hearing from IMG_0043Isaac on the lack of safe toilets in his village and Carla and Ensart’s daily trips to collect clean water, donations reported that 1.9m people now have safe water, 3m people were reached with sanitation and 4.7m were reached with hygiene¬†promotion. ¬†

Specific projects had been set up by Water Aid to target issues with poverty, disease and hardship have been incredibly successful with Carla, who fell under the Project Pioneers, no longer having to make the long trips to find water which could in fact make her children ill. Deliver Life looked to address the hundreds of women who give birth in dangerous environments, putting the lives of both parent at child at risk. Infections are now less common with the installations of showers and toilets, lessening the need for antibiotics being prescribed at birth.

By 2030, WaterAid are working to ensure that everyone everywhere have the basic facility which most of us take for granted: taps and toilets. Looking at 13 year old Joweria from Bulangira, who’s life goal is to become an accountant. Unfortunately a huge obstacle stands in her way: dirty water. During the dry seasons, the only source of water available to the 4000 residents drys up, however, this is unsafe anyway. Joweria knows the water can cause her severe problems which can leave her too sick to attend school.

2017 looks to provide clean water is piped around Bulangira.

For more information on Water Aid, visit their site.