Prevention Better Than The Cure?

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Prevention Better Than The Cure?

Category : April 2016

It has been reported this month that within London one in five fires have been caused from white goods, such as tumble dryers, fridges and freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. An even more worrying statistics is that 90 per cent of these items aren’t due to human error but an electrical or appliance fault with the customers not being informed if the appliance have been recalled, this is information that has to be sourced through websites and the media.

tumble_dryer_fire_recallIn providing our customers with an aftercare service, TRS claims handlers use ‘cuddle calls’ to ensure a customer is happy with the service they receive with feedback welcomed. This fits into TRS’s company statement of tailoring services to meet customer requirements. Likewise, TRS work very closely with suppliers and engineers to ensure customers are kept up to date with any faults found in appliances. It is also advised that once an item is replaced, the customer registers it on Amdea‘s website to make an note of make and model. This will inform them of any cases where there could be a issue later on.

With our principals, TRS are able to supply bulletins to advise teams of electrical updates, new trends, faults, recalls and other useful information.

As isn’t prevention better than the cure?


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