One At A Time

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One At A Time

Category : December 2016

wa‘One family, one village, one country at a time’. These are the words coming from a representative at Water Aid following their recent visit to Vimphere, Malawi. 

In the pitch black, Esnart wakes up every morning at 3am to begin her search for some fresh, clean water for her child. Esnart is not alone in her quest. Many others like her awake before sunrise before it is too late, however this can be dangerous. Ensart told Water Aid of the dangerous animals which prowl the paths that she treks daily. On one occasion, she was that frightened of a potential hyena that she turned to run and fell, hurting herself and her child. Ensart explained her visit to health workers following this experience. It appeared that Ensart was blamed for putting her child in danger and not looking after him properly, whilst Ensart just wants him to be able to bathe and drink clean water.

On the times where members of the community gather water (this could take up to four trips a day), Ensart carries the equivalent of 40 pints of pint or 20 bags of sugar in one go! Although, this isn’t necessary a success story. Ensart is aware that the water isn’t safe, with it reporting to kill more than four children a day.

Many like Ensart are hopeful for the future. In central Malawi, Water Aid visited the village of Chandaka where they have a borehole. Access to this clean water has kept away common diseases such as cholera, allowed vegetables and plants to grow and made bricks for the school. All of this has happened due to the kind donations given to Water Aid and it only takes one borehole to make a huge difference to people’s lives.

To find out more and to make a donation online, visit WaterAid.

‘One family, one village, one country at a time’