Growing The Digital Economy

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Growing The Digital Economy

Category : March 2016

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A recent study from the Centre of Economics and Business Centre showed that the digital economy, covering media, internet and creative businesses within the UK is overtaking Finance and the Retail Sector. This fully supports the adaptations the insurance industry and TRS have been making to provide the best customer experience and smoother claims cycle for all parties. 

Since 1987, TRS have created claims solutions and in doing so have the leading validation database, ClaimBrain, an application which can be used at desktop or in the field. Today, ClaimBrain continues to grow in it’s capabilities with cleansing of data and programming done daily. At first notification of loss, a user is able to identify the liability, organise appointments and offer an end to end solution, whether it be a cash settlement or replacement. Based upon our customers requirements, ClaimBrain can be tailored to individual needs including white labeling and combine this technology with specialist customer service. This is reflected in TRS’s 0.026% complaints ratio.


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