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Fresh New Talent


The Replacement Service has always been an advocate of giving young people opportunities to start their careers, and by working in conjunction with TDM Wyre Academy, TRS now offers highly respected apprenticeship programmes that give young people exceptional qualifications whilst gaining essential experiences in the workplace.

At TRS, we believe that our talented apprentices gain a valuable experience from the start of employment and progress through their chosen field with the guidance from ourselves. Our professional team share their relevant knowledge and expertise to ensure our apprentices are fully equipped in completing their apprenticeships to the highest standard.

With few and limited companies in Worcester City Centre offering placements for apprentices, TRS offer something unique. Our apprentices show the ability and vision to achieve a national accredited qualification and also have a bright and prosperous future within the company.

I have been working at TRS as part of my apprenticeship for almost a year, and I have learnt lots about my field in that time. From the start I have been given important tasks to perform and I have begun to contribute to the company’s production code. I have gained valuable experience into how a real-life IT job works – what is expected of me and how I can deliver on those goals, as well as how to organize my own time and work as part of a team. As part of the course, I have combined academic study with a day-to-day job in a work environment. This has allowed me to split my time between studying for qualifications and applying my theoretical knowledge practically as part of  the IT team. For me, the apprenticeship has been an invaluable learning experience, and I hope that I can continue learning and putting my skills to good use at The Replacement Service in the future.

Joe Andrews, IT Apprentice

The Replacement Service really is a leader in their field and their continuing commitment to creating fantastic IT opportunities for young people in Worcestershire is great for the young people in this area.

– Derrin Kent, TDM MD

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