The TRS Process


Step 1: Once TRS receive details from the insurance company, our claims handlers make a ‘cuddle call’. Here we introduce ourselves and notify that one of our engineers will be calling within 24 hours!

step 3

Step 3: Findings on the report determine how the claim proceeds. If TRS proceed with repair, a separate appointment is made to revisit. Off site repairs are collected by Courier service, DPD, and returned.

step 2

Step 2: TRS engineers arrange a convenient appointment to you. Depending on the item, it may be inspected onsite or taken to one of our specialist centers. A report of the item is compiled.

step 4

Step 4: Non-repairable items are either cash settled or replaced. Cash settlement options are referred back to your insurance company. TRS source the best replacement items and provide you with this information. Only when you are happy, the excess payment can be taken and ordered placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Insurance company?

No. We work on behalf of insurance companies in providing an end to end solution. Once we have received your insurance details, we notify you that we will be handling your claim.

What is a policy excess?

This is an agreed amount that you pays towards each claim. If you are unhappy with this figure, we advise that you speak with your insurance company.

How do I find out a cash settlement quote?

TRS are unable to give this figure and refer this back to the insurer. The cash settlement value is based upon the cost of the replacement, not the price of your original item.

Why didn't the engineer pick up all of my items?

TRS have partnered up with the best engineers within their relative fields. This means that the engineer who is responsible for your fridge may not be responsible for your mobile phone.

Can I get the data back from the hard drive?

Dependable upon the item’s damage. Typically we can retrieve data from laptops and tablets but always advise claimants to back up their data by using external hard drives, Cloud, Dropbox or other means.

How are the replacements calculated?

Replacements are based on a ‘like for like’ basis. The original items specifications are matched with today’s equivalent. It is not based upon the value of the original item.

How do I find the suggested replacements?

TRS suggests that you search the model number that we provide on the manufactures website. This gives more of an accurate indication of what you could receive.

Can I get an upgrade?

Yes! If you would like an alternative item to what TRS suggest, we can provide an upgrade. However, if the item is greater than what TRS have quoted, you have to pay the difference.