Disaster Strikes Samsung

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Disaster Strikes Samsung

Category : September 2016

4317In August Samsung released the Note 7, the most expensive model to hit the market which added a tightening of the phone’s security. Along with PIN access, passwords, fingerprint reader and pattern readers, this latest model introduced Iris Scanning to ensure that personal information stored on the phone was kept even safer. However, disasters continue to strike the company after hitting the media headlines. 

Stories emerged that the Note 7 would spontaneously overheat resulting in the phone catching on fire. Not only has this caused concern of customer’s safety, with reports of customers suffering severe burns, but also damage to properties and vehicles. Samsung are now facing a lawsuit which includes medical bills, loss of earnings and the suffering this has caused the public. It has been reported that Samsung have had to sell over a trillion pounds worth of it’s shares to raise the money to pay for a recall, although this continues to rise.

After investigation, Samsung have discovered that the rechargeable batteries that have been used are too big for the compartment, causing it to short circuit. Controversy also lies in the fact that these lithium batteries are notorious for overheating and previously have destroyed Tesla Cars, Laptops and even a Boeing plane. To meet customers demands, these types of batteries are popular for consumer electronic devices for being light weight and storing more energy.

Some of the Samsung Note 7’s appear to have different types of batteries, depending on which country the item was bought from. TRS would therefore urge customers to stop using their device before determining if it is safe to use.