Commitment to Youth with CII

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Commitment to Youth with CII

Back in October, TRS’s apprentices attended the Apprenticeship Live in Bristol organised by the CII and Insurance Times, with the initiative to encourage young professionals into the sector. With TRS’s major interest with work experience placements and apprenticeship schemes, the company has teamed up with local authorities, academies and the CII to increase awareness and shape the future workforce. IMG_5019

Most recently, directors at TRS were invited to be filmed for the Connected Schools and Businesses Programme. These interviews offered insight into personal experiences, where TRS see the future and how their strategic business planning continues to include offering numerous opportunities for the younger age range. Due to TRS’s commitment to youth, they have been highly recognised as Apprenticeship Ambassadors, with this years schedule already including trips to the Houses of Parliament, presentations within schools and colleges on higher education choices, main sponsors for Skills Shows and continue to facilitate the company’s own growth of apprentices with the proposal to expand on those placed within TRS.

For more information visit Apprenticeships

To keep updated with the reigning Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year whom is employed at TRS, visit Blog or alternatively, follow @No_Apprentice

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