Claim or No Claim?

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Claim or No Claim?

Category : July 2016

Back in April it was reported that the majority of fires had occurred due to an appliance fault, incurring some potentially large bills for home insurers. TRS have already been advising customers to register their appliance through Amdea, a scheme which was launched last year.  

recalls-finderFollowing on from Whirlpools crisis with the safety of their tumble-dryers, The Retail ombudsman has launched the UK’s first product recall database where customers will receive an automatic alert response of the registered product if it needs to be recalled or if there is a safety notice. This free scheme includes adding the following products: home appliances, TV’s, computers and phones, an area where TRS operate heavily.

Dean Durham, CEO and chief ombudsman at he Retail Ombudsman scheme has spoken about why this initiative will work for both the customers and the retailers. Working alongside Amdea, Durham mentions that this aims to protect the customer with the Amdea scheme not solving real live issues, which UK Recall will be able to help with.

Home insurers have the right to refuse pay out an insurance claim if a customer fails to follow the manufactures instructions when it is issued. TRS therefore instruct policyholders, once a replacement has been ordered, to fill out the simple form on the UK Recall website. Looking out for the customer and adding additional value to our service, TRS do not believe it is in the best interest to fully rely on the stories published within the media, which can often be contradictory.