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Happy Shopper!

Category : October 2016

digital-insurance_0‘The insurance industry’s best kept secret’. This was once the comment made by Lloyd’s of London regarding TRS, however with huge developments over the last 2 years, the interest and acknowledgment of this hasn’t gone unnoticed. 2016 has been particularly prosperous… 

Following some individual nominations for insurance, business and IT award ceremonies, TRS have also been successful in being shortlisted for Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards and Customer Service in Claims Settlements for the Finance Awards 2016. Most recently TRS were invited to London to present in front of the judging panel for this years Post Digital Insurance Awards after being triumphant in their initial submission.

Now in it’s fourth year, the Digital Insurance Awards brings together innovate companies whom best harness technology within their business process, putting them ahead of their competitors.

Back in 2014 we decided to support the apprenticeship scheme. This opened up huge opportunities for not only the apprentices which we took on but also the potential for TRS. Questions which I had asked myself back when TRS started such as ‘Why would you do that?’ and ‘What if we were to do it this way’ started cropping up. The possibilities of developing our products and services just keep coming, keeping us young and fresh with huge insurance experience. These ‘think tank’ sessions have moulded the company into what it is today

James Hyslop, CEO

TRS second visit to London on the 18th November will unveil if they have secured the ‘Happy Shopper’ Customer Experience Award..

Congratulations to all those who were nominated and made it through to the awards evening. We wish you the best of luck!

For full visit of the finalists, visit Digital Insurance Awards.

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Disaster Strikes Samsung

Category : September 2016

4317In August Samsung released the Note 7, the most expensive model to hit the market which added a tightening of the phone’s security. Along with PIN access, passwords, fingerprint reader and pattern readers, this latest model introduced Iris Scanning to ensure that personal information stored on the phone was kept even safer. However, disasters continue to strike the company after hitting the media headlines. 

Stories emerged that the Note 7 would spontaneously overheat resulting in the phone catching on fire. Not only has this caused concern of customer’s safety, with reports of customers suffering severe burns, but also damage to properties and vehicles. Samsung are now facing a lawsuit which includes medical bills, loss of earnings and the suffering this has caused the public. It has been reported that Samsung have had to sell over a trillion pounds worth of it’s shares to raise the money to pay for a recall, although this continues to rise.

After investigation, Samsung have discovered that the rechargeable batteries that have been used are too big for the compartment, causing it to short circuit. Controversy also lies in the fact that these lithium batteries are notorious for overheating and previously have destroyed Tesla Cars, Laptops and even a Boeing plane. To meet customers demands, these types of batteries are popular for consumer electronic devices for being light weight and storing more energy.

Some of the Samsung Note 7’s appear to have different types of batteries, depending on which country the item was bought from. TRS would therefore urge customers to stop using their device before determining if it is safe to use.


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Immediate Future for the GI Market: Challenging?

Category : August 2016

Following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, the media coverage in the insurance industry erupted with UK insurers concerned on how this would affect their business. However, is this the calm before the storm for the contents market? Following a post-Brexit survey conducted by Retail Economics this could be the case.

EU-Brexit-referedumWhilst the industry has seen a dramatic change in claims, and in particular contents claims, the rise of insuring gadgets and technology has altered the UK market. Insurers are now beginning to appreciate the importance of these devices, creating more tailored and attractive policies for customers. This month, the market has already seen the launch of Back Me Up powered by Ageas, which enables the insured to swap in/out products to protect and with no annual contract it suits the millennial market.

It has been the view of some that insurance is known to be a grudge buy, so following Brexit and the subsequent survey, the results revealed that three-in-five Britons are worried about the impact of Brexit will have on the economy. A quarter of customers are predicting that they will cut back on their spending, especially on electrical items such as TV’s and Tablets. A reduction of products means a reduction in policies sold.. And it isn’t only the contents arena that will be affected. 37% of customers had intended to make large purchases prior to the referendum on furniture, flooring and bathrooms but following the verdict are likely to not commit to the spend.

Now more than ever, insurance companies are going to have to be more innovative.


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No Holding Us Back

Category : August 2016

The 3rd August 2016 will go down in TRS’s history. 

For the past year, TRS have been developing new services to fit in with the changing insurance market as the industry has recognised that the contents market that we have known and lived for years has been decreasing. Looking at the changing customer needs, demands and lifestyles has enabled TRS to adapt it’s portfolio accordingly, moving more into the technology and gadget world. Would a policyholder rather insure and protect their washing machine over their mobile phone? The mobile phone wins hands down and is now essential to everyday life.

back-me-up-580x358Partnering with Ageas, TRS are supporting their new insurance initiative, BackMeUP, a customised app based insurance that allows the policyholder to insure their most prized possessions without an annual contract.

Paul Lynes, Managing Director at Back Me Up, commented: “People want to protect the things they value and the lifestyle they enjoy, and Back Me Up provides flexible, relevant cover that’s designed by the very people who will use it. It’s an ‘all-in-one’ lifestyle product that puts people in control by letting them decide to insure what’s important to them, not the other way around.

TRS are offering traditional repair services through DPD for secure collections . In addition to this, TRS are supported by an ‘over the counter’ repair on mobile phones, fitting into our local yet national service.

Managing Director of TRS, James Hyslop shared this thoughts:

‘Having worked alongside the Ageas/BackMeUp team over the last year or so, watching it develop to this refreshingly new view of insurance, we at TRS are extremely excited to be supporting the service and claims experience, which lifts the bar on customers service to ensure we have grown our repair-replacement service beyond the expectations of the millennials customer.

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Biggest Impact Will Come From Within

Category : July 2016

Last year during the Modern Claims Magazine conference, David Williams from AXA Insurance made the comment  that ‘the biggest threat to the insurance industry will come from within’. Most recently, Insurance Age has reported that 75% of established insurance companies believe that building new products will have a massive impact to our sector which will positively impact the customer’s experience.  

Camera-Technology-to-Assist-Your-Property-Inspection-AppWhilst many insurance companies may deem the emerging InsurTech startups as a hindrance, these new companies are wishing to work together with insurers to reduce their processing costs resulting in increasing their profitability. . Looking into the Internet of Things, digitisation and self service solutions will provide customers with information on the status of their claim alongside realistic timescales. All these choices will enable better management of such processes for both the insurance industry and offering some control over the claim to the insured. Creating more streamlined services can only make the customer journey smoother, ultimately building trust. Adding all these factors up should help to change the public’s poor perception of the insurance industry.

For TRS, transparency, clarity and communication have always been paramount to customer service along with the products that are offered. In combining these elements with a mixture of traditional claims handling methods and our latest in-house technology applications, it is proving to be welcomed by both our insurance partners and customers.

Further information on InsurTech Futures, visit Insurance Age.

To enquire about TRS’s applications, contact

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Claim or No Claim?

Category : July 2016

Back in April it was reported that the majority of fires had occurred due to an appliance fault, incurring some potentially large bills for home insurers. TRS have already been advising customers to register their appliance through Amdea, a scheme which was launched last year.  

recalls-finderFollowing on from Whirlpools crisis with the safety of their tumble-dryers, The Retail ombudsman has launched the UK’s first product recall database where customers will receive an automatic alert response of the registered product if it needs to be recalled or if there is a safety notice. This free scheme includes adding the following products: home appliances, TV’s, computers and phones, an area where TRS operate heavily.

Dean Durham, CEO and chief ombudsman at he Retail Ombudsman scheme has spoken about why this initiative will work for both the customers and the retailers. Working alongside Amdea, Durham mentions that this aims to protect the customer with the Amdea scheme not solving real live issues, which UK Recall will be able to help with.

Home insurers have the right to refuse pay out an insurance claim if a customer fails to follow the manufactures instructions when it is issued. TRS therefore instruct policyholders, once a replacement has been ordered, to fill out the simple form on the UK Recall website. Looking out for the customer and adding additional value to our service, TRS do not believe it is in the best interest to fully rely on the stories published within the media, which can often be contradictory.

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Identified for Innovation

Category : July 2016

Since 2014, the insurance industry has changed dramatically in the household and contents sector, with the Institute of Customer Services suggesting that customers are becoming more demanding. Whilst our sector has always been criticised for its slow uptake on social media and other technologies, it has woken up and began to embrace it to further improve customer service. An area which TRS Claims has now been recognised for.

TECH_INN_LOGO-FINALIST Recognising the best applications of technology in GI, TRS are proud to be shortlisted for an award at this years Tech and Innovation Awards organised by the Insurance Times on the 22nd September at the Royal Garden Hotel, London. This awards ceremony brings together the industry’s finest in providing solutions for customer self service, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies based upon the initial submissions and the second round presentations.

Customer service has been paramount to the success of the company and through market research, TRS Claims have now combined traditional claims handling methods with our in-house bespoke software to offer a new industry standard.

TRS want to congratulate all of those that have been shortlisted and best of luck on the night!

To see a full list of those shortlisted, visit Tech & Innovation Awards.


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Category : July 2016

Imagine having to make a decision between providing medicine for the love of your life or your new born child. This is a decision that no one should have to make but for Jeremie this was his reality. 

ToiletsSavLivesTRS’s chosen charity, WaterAid have been providing sanitation and clean water solutions for countries such as Burkina Faso where Jeremie and his family reside. The most recent visit to the hot and barren town of Ouagadougou showed how dusty and small the living conditions are for the local residents. Jeremie and his family are however incredibly proud, welcoming and wish to keep their surroundings as clean as possible but this becomes an impossible ongoing task which occurs daily.

Once a guest asks to use the toilet, Jeremie and his wife, Baowendsom, become embarrassed and ashamed to admit that his family have to go outside the house, against the wall. For Baowendsom having to defecate so near to home worries her with the likelihood of contracting diseases high and even higher for the undeveloped immume system of her new born Isaac.

To transform the lives of Jeremie, Baowendsom and baby Isaac, WaterAid are asking sponsors to make donations towards a toilet. Together, the families provide the handmade bricks and dig the pit with WaterAid supplying materials such as ventilation pipes and labour to construct this simple but powerful solution.

So far, TRS alongside other supports have helped 3.1million people with 1 in 3 still needed a toilet.

For more information, visit WaterAid


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This Escalated Quickly…

Category : June 2016

Wednesday 15th June welcomed the Doctors Chambers Modern Claims Conference at the home of footballing excellence, Old Trafford hosted by Andrew Twambley, founder of InjuryLawyers4U and Technical Director at Axa Insurance, David Williams. In previous years, these conferences have solely focused upon the claims market but Wednesday looked at the future and implementations.

IMG_6403After breakfast, registrations and the opening from our hosts, Rt Hon Jack Straw took the stage to offer his opinions on motor claims, more specifically whiplash. With 350+ delegates in the room predominate professions being injury lawyers and insurers, Mr Straw made some cutting remarks that were not well accepted. Once his speech was completed, the floor was opened up for questions and the start of some very heated conversations.

The hosts managed to tame the lions in time for the first panel debate ‘Access to Justice- An Uncertain Future’, featuring Charles Layfield of BGL Group, Martin Coyne of InjuryLawyers4U, Janet Tilley of Simpson Millar, Zoe Holland of ZebraLC and finally Ed Fletcher whom is the CEO of Fletchers Solicitors. This offered some balanced arguments and a lot of responses from the audiences. A short break invited some more networking and delegates visiting sponsors stands, an opportunity to restock the office stationary!

For TRS, the much anticipated panel debate saw Andy Watson from Ageas, James Dalton from the ABI and a last minute step in by Carolyn McKenzie of RSA take the stage due to Rob Townend from Aviva suffering food poisoning! A lot of fueled questions from attendees tried to trip up this talented and well respected individuals, however each coped like the true professionals they are, offering pure fact that could not be challenged.

Due to a very hectic schedule, TRS were unable to stay for the afternoon sessions but noted that this conference seemed the first where insurers or governing bodies were confronted, rather than their comments just accepted.

For more information on Modern Claims, visit Magazine or Events.


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Promise to Carla

Category : June 2016

TRS have two chosen charities, one of which is Water Aid, whom was set up in the 80’s to provide clean drinking water and sanitation solutions to communities across Nicaragua, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Soloman Islands and Timor-Leste. Water Aid’s Project Pioneers is to construct RainWater Harvesting Systems  (RWH) and toilets.

PP Water AidWe have been following the journey of Carla and her daughter Caricia who live in Wawa Bar, Nicaragua, whom just recently have had their RHW or watertank finished. For the first time, the community and Caricia’s family are looking forward to the wet season, which enables them to collect water that is safe to drink and allow storage throughout the dry months. Due to the success of constructing these systems and the impact it has had on the families, neighbouring communities are very much looking forward to theirs being installed.

So far, the project within Wawa Bar 52  RHW systems and 25 toilets have been completed out of a total of 248.

For more information on the project and donations, please visit Water Aid