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Category : January 2017

Do you use your mobile phone whilst driving? In 2015, it was reported that 70% of the population do this. More worryingly, this continues to rise alongside these actions making it 6 times more likely for an accident to occur. The AA brought to our attention the changes to penalties which will be implemented from March this year.. 

Since 2003, it has been illegal to use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving or when stationary with the engine on. From March 2017, the Fixed Penalty Notice for using one whilst driving will increase to £200 and 6 points on your license. Doing this will lose your license if you’re less than 2 years from passing your test.If someone is noticed for bad driving or involved in a crash, the individual can be prosecuted, with fines being more severe along with an appearance in court.

How do you get caught? You would only need to be seen. Spreading the word via #NeverTextDrive, the police have been vigilant in having unmarked lorries on the road, who are able to observe more from being in a higher position.


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The Development Story

Category : January 2017

January 1st 1993 at IBM, James Hyslop, CEO of TRS Claims, held a new years resolution meeting with insurers, loss adjusters, suppliers, repair engineers and claim handlers to discuss a vision of insurance claims processing. The resolution looked at ‘working togetherness’ and connecting the supply chain. James will describe the idea being well received for a few moments before everyone fighting and disagreeing! However, years later the resolution was finally kept…  

cairInvesting in technology, James looked to design a system which would support various parts of the insurance claims industry to support clients and link them to numerous services. The key strength to the company was understanding the requirements of different parties at each stage of dealing with the claim, from initial report of the problem through to fulfillment. James was fortunate to have the guidance of Gi Fernando a technology investor based in the UK, who previously founded social media marketing company, Techlightenment, which was later acquired by Experian.

Cair was born. The concept of having a paperless office was unheard of, however James and his team acknowledged that Microsoft technology was affordable and the efficient basis for Cair. Since then, Cair has continued to develop it’s capabilities and streamline processes for the claims department. And Gi received an MBE for his contribution to the digital economy, some of his work including the Facebook App for marketing campaigns.

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Progress On Projects

Category : January 2017

Last year TRS reported the stories brought to us from Water Aid about the individuals whom have been positively impacted upon kind donations. Hearing from IMG_0043Isaac on the lack of safe toilets in his village and Carla and Ensart’s daily trips to collect clean water, donations reported that 1.9m people now have safe water, 3m people were reached with sanitation and 4.7m were reached with hygiene promotion.  

Specific projects had been set up by Water Aid to target issues with poverty, disease and hardship have been incredibly successful with Carla, who fell under the Project Pioneers, no longer having to make the long trips to find water which could in fact make her children ill. Deliver Life looked to address the hundreds of women who give birth in dangerous environments, putting the lives of both parent at child at risk. Infections are now less common with the installations of showers and toilets, lessening the need for antibiotics being prescribed at birth.

By 2030, WaterAid are working to ensure that everyone everywhere have the basic facility which most of us take for granted: taps and toilets. Looking at 13 year old Joweria from Bulangira, who’s life goal is to become an accountant. Unfortunately a huge obstacle stands in her way: dirty water. During the dry seasons, the only source of water available to the 4000 residents drys up, however, this is unsafe anyway. Joweria knows the water can cause her severe problems which can leave her too sick to attend school.

2017 looks to provide clean water is piped around Bulangira.

For more information on Water Aid, visit their site.

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Earn While You Learn

Category : January 2017

The 6th January marked the start of a new venture for TRS with a partnership with The Career and Enterprise Company in promoting opportunities for the future workforce. Having previously supported the development of young professionals, last week introduced some new faces to the expanding TRS team.

RGS1Previously having the success of working with local apprenticeship companies, TRS have recruited young professionals through 3aaa Worcester in customer services. Combining both experience within the insurance sector with innovate young minds has propelled TRS’s business which now boasts its highest Customer Satisfaction stores since the company started in 1987.

If you are an employer looking to recruit an apprentice or would like more information, please visit Get In Go Far.


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Career Initiative Starts

Category : January 2017

Working with local partners and supporting the future workforce, TRS have joined forces with The Careers & Enterprise Company, Worcestershire LEP and Worcestershire County Council. Last Friday marked the first session at RGS Worcester where the panel and host discussed their career paths and answered student’s questions.

RGSThe panel brought together an array of experiences and backgrounds to provide students with a more rounded argument to options and impartial advice. Representatives from Worcester Bosch,  University of Worcester, ISO Quality Services, Mazak and TRS’s own Apprentice of the Year shared stories of their chosen career path, skills that employers look for and the options available for young adults. RGS students relished the opportunity to test the panel and received top tips on Do’s and Dont’s in interviews and how to broaden their applications. Key suggestions were as follows:

  • Don’t be late!
  • Research the company prior to interview
  • Make your CV and Cover Letter relate to the job you are applying for
  • Employers find Aptitude and Attitude key and wouldn’t penalise for lack of experience or qualifications
  • Look at all career options such as work placements, apprenticeships, university

With the success of this first event and some student workshops on the horizon, this initiative is looking to branch out further and help more students.


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Insurance Stars Shine

Category : December 2016

On the 1st December, Insurance Times bought together the best insurers, brokers, service providers and brokers in London for the Insurance Times Awards 2016. 

PrintWhilst the industry is awakening to the importance of technology and making things more customer friendly, TRS had already begun embarking on changing it’s services and products over the last 2 years. Targeting ourselves with setting an industry standard product and putting the customer at the centre of the claims process, TRS were announced as one of the finalists for this years awards.

We have always been a company that has just got on with it for our insurer clients, with them appreciating the extra mile that our claims team will go. Having this kind of acknowledgment just reiterates that what we  are doing is in everyone best interests. I’m so proud of our team here!

Victoria Rawlings, Sales & Marketing Manager

TRS’s already hectic schedule throughout the year only increases through the festive period and unfortunately were unable to attend the event due to other commitments. TRS were not winners on the night but would like to offer their congratulations.

A full list of winners can be viewed here.


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One At A Time

Category : December 2016

wa‘One family, one village, one country at a time’. These are the words coming from a representative at Water Aid following their recent visit to Vimphere, Malawi. 

In the pitch black, Esnart wakes up every morning at 3am to begin her search for some fresh, clean water for her child. Esnart is not alone in her quest. Many others like her awake before sunrise before it is too late, however this can be dangerous. Ensart told Water Aid of the dangerous animals which prowl the paths that she treks daily. On one occasion, she was that frightened of a potential hyena that she turned to run and fell, hurting herself and her child. Ensart explained her visit to health workers following this experience. It appeared that Ensart was blamed for putting her child in danger and not looking after him properly, whilst Ensart just wants him to be able to bathe and drink clean water.

On the times where members of the community gather water (this could take up to four trips a day), Ensart carries the equivalent of 40 pints of pint or 20 bags of sugar in one go! Although, this isn’t necessary a success story. Ensart is aware that the water isn’t safe, with it reporting to kill more than four children a day.

Many like Ensart are hopeful for the future. In central Malawi, Water Aid visited the village of Chandaka where they have a borehole. Access to this clean water has kept away common diseases such as cholera, allowed vegetables and plants to grow and made bricks for the school. All of this has happened due to the kind donations given to Water Aid and it only takes one borehole to make a huge difference to people’s lives.

To find out more and to make a donation online, visit WaterAid.

‘One family, one village, one country at a time’

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Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards ’16

Category : November 2016

Thursday night celebrated the best schools, apprentices, training providers and employers across the county at the annual Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards at West Midland Safari Park. Hosted by BBC’s The Apprentice contestant Tim Campbell, the evening began looking back on the last 12 months including the reigning Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year, whom is one of our own…

Situated at TreeTops Pavilion, Worcestershire Apprenticeships took over the venue with a mass of tables to host the hundreds of people who would be in attendance. TRS were invited to the VIP reception, along with the event sponsors: Worcester Bosch, Yamazaki Mazak UK, Morgan Motor just to name a few. After taking our seats, a VT was played to show how Worcestershire are proudly promoting the scheme with visits to parliament and appointments at schools to discuss apprenticeship options. It seems that all the county’s hard work is paying off with more employers offering apprenticeship programmes and more young people opting for this rather than university.

The last award of the evening ‘Apprentice of the Year 2016’ was TRS’s responsibility to award, following other categories; School of the Year, Training Provider, Newcomer Apprenticeship Employer, Small, Medium and Large Apprenticeship Employer, Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Level Apprentice of the Year and Apprenticeship Ambassador. Following a short Q&A with Victoria Rawlings, the previous winner, the crown was passed onto Pippa Dressler-Pearson from Southco Ltd.

TRS would like to congratulate all those for being shortlisted, the winners and the county’s incredible passion and belief in apprenticeships. With years of successful experiences with the scheme, TRS will continue to work closely with the Connected Schools and Business Programme.


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Strength to Strength

Category : November 2016

Continuing to climb the league tables, Worcestershire has once again put itself on the map. In most recent years, the county where TRS is based have been first in terms of higher level workforce skills growth, 2nd for growth in productivity and 3rd for growth in prosperity. TRS are very proud to have contributed to these statistics…

Back in 2013/14, TRS engaged in the apprenticeship scheme after noting the gap within the insurance industry in technology and the future workforce. Since then, TRS have focussed it’s efforts on offering more apprenticeship programmes across a range of subjects and supporting the professional development of those already employed within the company. This has not only improved staff retention but has enabled employees to be promoted into managerial positions.

growth-stats-16_172_c7b85523d0dbc207bad711dfd98aec00b252f6c5 With a huge investment in the improvement of services and products in previous years, the company have increased it’s share of the market with current partners and attracting new clients. Predictions into the new year only shows this rising alongside staff intake tripling.

The sixth annual Worcestershire LEP Conference at Chateau Impney showed many other local businesses sharing the same successes. This networking event was a fantastic opportunity to hear first hand how Worcestershire is developing into a creative and dynamic county from speakers of the LEP, Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP and managers from the Department of International Trade. TRS were featured on Worcestershires’ Vision after their achievements with apprenticeships and work placements.

The event closed with a small award ceremony, celebrating the outstanding contributions of individuals to the county. TRS congratulate all of the winners and look forward to seeing everyone next year!

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Arabian Nights…

Category : October 2016

it-awards-16Is it our time to shine? Possibly the greatest show in the insurance industry is coming this December and TRS are amongst those entrants that have made the final! 

Earlier this month, all finalists were invited to London to present to the judging panel with TRS pitching for the title of ‘Claims Partner of the Year’. Going back in time to 1987, TRS alongside Lloyd’s of London wrote new for old policy wording, shortly followed by replacement as a way of settling claims. From this point onwards TRS have always been completely customer centric, tailoring services to individual claims and our insurer partners.

Over the past few years, the insurance industry has seen a dramatic change in the market, with technology playing a significant role in how claims are processed. TRS remodeled the company structure and services to offer an unrivaled service to policyholders. This is not grabbed the attention of our current clients but also attracted new business and acknowledgment of insurance industry nominations.

We look forward to joining our insurance partners on the evening and good luck to all!

To see the full shortlist, visit Insurance Times Awards.